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Zero Energy Production is the Future

By Cyril Dané

The Paris United Nations Climate Conference, COP21, represents a historic opportunity to put the world on course to meet the climate change challenge.  As a manufacturer with a personal interested in climate change, I frequently read the financial reports of worldwide producers to keep a finger on the pulse of green innovations in the industry.  Unfortunately, there’s usually not much to read about, however, I’m very enthusiastic about a trend that is beginning to grow – zero energy production.

To mark its 15th anniversary, the Toyota Motor Manufacturing France (TMMF) has created a new community foundation called “Toyota Valenciennes” . The aim of TMMF President, Koreatsu Aoki, is to contribute to society by supporting local activities that are in line with the Toyota values. The three pillars and the heart of the foundation are environment, road safety and technical education.  I’m not surprised by this creation, as Toyota has been communicating these values for many years through their website, www.toyota-global.com.

The foundation offers programs and training seminars designed specifically for executives and business managers relating to the three pillars.  Understanding Toyota’s zero energy changeover point processes would enable many manufacturing companies to contribute toward the COP21 goals of reducing carbon emissions.

Toyota has been innovating changeover points in their production lines since 2007, when they released tools and equipment without the need for combustion air. This was the first step toward creating a zero energy production process.

What a great challenge: a production line that use devices based on basic mechanical principles, by using only gravity and elasticity. Innovations in engineering can help us find new carbon-free ways to produce.

For several years now I’ve had a mission to answer this question.  How do we design and build a sustainable industry, that’s more efficient, flexible, evolving, and green … more human? Today, I know the answer. The Paris Agreement is not only possible, it is necessary, urgent and … real! The world needs a new model of growth that is safe, durable and beneficial to all. I am counting on everyone’s contribution. Please think about zero energy production for your next plant.

Cyril Dané is CEO of AIO, the European leader in zero energy production line equipment for assembly industries, like Toyota.


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