Take a Green Waste Walk


The most dangerous kind of waste, is the waste we do not recognize.

In lean thinking, before we try to fix a problem, we must first see the (muda) waste. This is also true with green wastes.    Taking a “waste walk” is one way to make green waste visible for you and your team.

A waste walk is simple, really.  It’s a scheduled visit to the Gemba to observe what’s happening and to pay close attention to a specific item or action. It differs from go-see activities in that you are specifically looking for waste.

An easy way to begin is with the most common and prolific forms of green waste in your personal, daily work.  For instance, where do you see carbon emissions, an overuse of natural resources like water,energy, and a contribution to landfill waste.    As Shigeo Shingo stated “The most dangerous kind of waste is the waste we do not recognize”.  A personal green waste walk is less about “walking” and more observing your environment and actions from an environmental lense.  

Once you have seen the green waste in your routine, environment, and job, it’s something that you can’t forget.   You’ve validated the problem of green waste and will continue to visualize how life, work, and the planet could be  different if it were eliminated.

So, why not take a green waste walk in your job today?


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