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Standards Are About Learning To Be Better

Electric power bar with many plugs

A Lean IT company uses a powerstrip as an easy method to off electronics at the end of the day.  This is the last step in their daily standard work.  Unused electronics left plugged in account for 10% or more of energy used.

Standardized work, a master way of doing things, is a baseline procedure that is continuously improved as soon as one settles into the work and has had the time and experience to reflect on what could be better.

Standardization sets the bar for quality, safety, and waste prevention.  Lean team members are taught to think about how their work can be improved based on these objectives, as small improvements make a big difference over time.

Think of the impact we could have on the environment if our standards considered ecological objectives like reducing pollution, conserving and reusing natural resources, aligning with nature’s design and cycle, and even altering our attitude to have more gratitude and appreciation.  

We would learn how to deliver a better product, better people, and a better planet in each of our individual roles.

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