Meditations on a Lean and Green Company

What if … we had dual customers? The traditional customer and the Planet.

What if … we saw value and waste through both their eyes?

What if …work standards were things that changed all the time to match a changing world?

What if … we set up communication systems to know immediately if waste was happening?

What if … we all agreed and promised to be responsible for our workplace, our safety and our future?

What if … we measured our effectiveness of value creation at work and not just efficiency of waste reduction?   

What if … we expected that products and services we use and produce to last a very, very long time?

What if … we were driven by endless and eternal improvement for our dual customers?

What if … we had flexible, modular systems that could evolve and produce in tandem with a rapidly changing world?

What if … the goal was perfection, with no defect too small to stop and correct?

What if … we never make something unless our dual customers want it?  

What if … we released value to our dual customers in a constant flow instead of a big batch?  

What if …distance was our enemy and we kept supply chains, processes, and workers close?

What if …we organized around on the singular goal of delivering value to our dual customers?

What if … we honored utilization rates (for our human, material and natural resources)?

What if … we completely changed the way we think about quality: toward 100% prevention?

What if … team members, not experts or engineers, develop standardized work?

What if … our dual customers were better off because we exist as a company?

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