The Team

Kelly Singer, Executive Director, Lean Green Institute


Kelly Singer is a global sustainability leader based in Paris.  Previously, she was an operations consultant and entrepreneur in the health and social sector in the US.   She’s a senior advisor on sustainability issues for organizations around the globe, subject-matter expert, and frequent public speaker.  Inspired by the success and commitment of Toyota’s environmental goals, she is fascinated with studying the intersection of Lean and “Green” methodologies.

Editorial Board

Daniel Jones, Senior Advisor, Lean Global Network, UK


Founder and chairman of the Lean Enterprise Academy in the UK, Daniel T. Jones is a senior advisor to the Lean Global Network, a management thought leader, and mentor on applying lean process thinking to every type of business. Together with Jim Womack, he is the author of some of the most influential and popular management books available. A sought-after keynoter, Dan also has organized lean conferences around Europe. He advises organizations in different sectors on their lean transformations, and has experience supporting lean journeys in sectors including construction, manufacturing, supply chain, healthcare.

Catherine Chabiron, Lean Sensei, Institut Lean France


Catherine Charbiron is a highly sought after Lean Office Sensei.   Previously, she was the Lean Office Director of Faurecia, where she led the lean transformation support functions. Catherine is an active member and lecturer of the Institut Lean France and teaches at CES Lean Management at Telecom ParisTech.

Michael Ballé, Founder, Institut Lean France


Michael Ballé is co-founder of the Institut Lean France. An associate researcher at Telecom ParisTech, he holds a doctorate from the Sorbonne in Social Sciences and Knowledge Sciences. Michael is a best-selling author and an engaging speaker, and managing partner of ESG Consultants. He also works as a lean executive coach in various fields, from manufacturing to engineering, services to healthcare.

Roberto Priolo, Managing Editor, Planet Lean


Roberto Priolo is a writer and editor based in London. Prior to joining the Lean Global Network and launching Planet Lean, Roberto was editor of Lean Management Journal and associate editor of The Manufacturer magazine. Coupling his love for travel with his passion for lean, Roberto is interested in seeing the methodology in action across the globe. He holds a degree in Political Science from the Università Cattolica in Milan, Italy, and a postgraduate diploma in journalism from the London School of Journalism.