How to Get a Master’s Degree Without a Bachelor’s?

Education is of top-most importance in order to have a good future. Most people will pursue a bachelor’s degree after completing a high school education. But a lot of others might not be able to go to college for various reasons, ranging from monetary problems to other personal reasons that may not allow them to go to university. But that should not stop an individual from getting further education. Here a question may arise; can you get a master’s degree without having done a bachelor’s? While it is not advisable, it is possible under certain conditions.

Getting a masters degree without a bachelor’s is possible, but it comes with its own terms and conditions. It is not common practice to get a master’s degree without a bachelor’s degree as most universities expect candidates to have a bachelor’s degree, but it can be done. Very few colleges and universities offer programs that allow individuals to enroll in a master’s program without a prior undergraduate degree. It is usually done through an integrated course, where the candidate has to undergo undergraduate studies before starting the master’s course.sudent's hat

There are a few ways to get a master’s degree without a bachelor’s degree. Let’s look at them:

  • Professional experience

Having professional experience can help to get you into a master’s program. Working a job teaches you a lot and gives your practical knowledge about the subject matter at hand. It is known that experience is the best teacher and some colleges take it into account while evaluating candidates. Some candidates have already experienced what’s taught in theory, enabling them to better learn what the course offers. Professional experience is counted as it serves as a knowledge base for your further studies.

  • Diplomas and Certificates

Some people are unable to get bachelor’s degrees because they can cost a lot of money and they may not be able to afford it. Getting certificates or pursuing a diploma program costs less than a bachelor’s degree and makes for a feasible option for those with financial stress. Many people who drop out of college are granted a diploma for the part of the course that they have completed, which makes their studies valid and all is not wasted.

  • Integrated course

Many colleges now offer integrated courses wherein the candidate has to undertake a mixed course, such as a bachelor’s/master’s combined program, integrated bachelor MBA degree, accelerated degree programs, etc.

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