Whether to choose master’s degree on MAT or MED?

Choosing the profession is most important stage in everyone’s life where most of the people often gets confused what to do? Which course would be best for them and what would be beneficial to study? Likewise there may arise several doubts. But most often the common confusion prevails on choosing master’s in career of teaching or in education.

This remains to be a complicated to choose one because many people would decide to master’s after their graduate degree but choosing the specialization matters. But this can be made simpler and effective by choosing master’s based on their desired interest and knowledge.

Moreover it is more important to know about choices before choosing them since each choice would lead you to get high salary, secured job, work recognition and specialization.

Masters in teaching Vs Masters in education:

When it comes to MAT Vs MED degree it cannot be predicted which one is best because each course stands good in their field were MAT is master’s in teaching and MED is master’s in education. Both may sounds quite similar to each but they are totally different in MAT degree is specific towards teaching were as MED degree is specific to get educated towards administration.

elementary teacher

Many people can think what would be difference between masters in teaching and master’s in education? In order to make this clear here are some points mentioned below to describe the difference between MAT Vs MED.

  • For both master’s degree admission MAT and MED requires bachelors degree certification which is mandatory along with this candidates CGPA is calculated. In addition teaching or field provisional certificate is required.
  • MAT degree pursuers can begin their teaching career by taking classes in school morning and evening or in weekends even they are allowed to take special course classes for same degree.
  • In MED degree the candidates pursue their work beyond classroom education, the individual candidates work advancement in educational administration and school counseling.
  • Many educational careers such as principal, vice principal, head master, educational consultant and many educational fields requires candidates to hold MED certification with field specialization.
  • Whereas MAT degree is pursued by non teaching individuals as a teaching certification. The present schooling career such as high school teacher, elementary teacher, middle school teacher and adult literacy teacher all requires MAT degree certification.

Although as mentioned above based on work and responsibilities MAT and MED remains to be same level but the salary difference between them is huge. The MED degree completion would lead to have better salary and positions than MAT.

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