Hair tips to cut Pixie hair cut by you at anywhere at anytime

give yourself a pixie cutWomen with long hair look more beautiful, but women with short hair are the current trending to look pretty. The pixie hair cut is preferred by two methods, the initial step is pixie haircut is preferred by the stylist for their client who has thin hair and unhealthy hair.

Another step is a client suggested to chop their hair to look differently. In these conditions, pixie haircut becomes convenient to hold and easy to maintain. If you are looking for DIY steps to chop your hair to a pixie cut, take a look at this article to the step-by-step procedure for a pixie cut.

Gladness to have short hair

Most women in recent days seem difficult to maintain long and thick hair, so they prefer to go for a different look as a pixie cut. If you are looking for the best parlor to cut your hair with a pixie cut, here the following steps are the best idea to cut your own hair short pixie by yourself. Take Scissors with affordable long to cut your portioned hair.

  • Cutting at the back side of the neck

Chopping hair at the back neck is the initial step; you have to chop your hair at least with the length to shoulder. Take more length to cut than the desired length, cut the hair which is far from your neck and head.

If you are doubt about yourself to cut the right length of back hair, make a ponytail it helps to cut entire hair using comb along the nape to cover your neck part.

  • Section your hair parts into divisions

Tie up the center positioned hair using hair band on the center of your head and make three partitions of vertical, horizontal and front hair. Use a brush to meet the layer of your hair on each position and use scissors to a short choppy pixie cut. You have to remind the point you should cut the side partition hair just behind the ears and side from the head.

Continue to chop your hair until you attain the correct length as you desired and gives suitable look for you. Blend the chopped front hair to back and side hair and backside hair to upward will give the curve and voluminous look.

  • Methods to chop side hair professionally

Take the pinch from the side of your ear and comb it well to attain length and shape, and then chop it with the scissors to cover your side head. You have to follow the same procedure to chop the hair which is on another side of your head. Take even partitioning from front and center hair to give yourself a pixie cut with the perfect look.

  • Undercut your bangs

You have to take your side hair on upward position to get the right texture and shape to chop your hair, just untie the center part of the hair and twist it to cover side parts of your hair and chop correctly. Again fill the center part of hair on the forehead to cut bangs to hide your forehead and to give voluminous look.

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